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    External Feature Panels

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  • External Feature Panel Solutions

    External Feature Panel Solutions

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Ace Architectural Panels
About Us

Ace Architectural Panels specialise in the manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of Prefinished Architectural tailored panels, designed for the Commercial and Residential markets.

Ranging from Commercial & Residential Fašade systems , Soffit and Eave Lining solutions , Sun Hood and Sun Blade Panels through to MDF Veneer , Ply and Timber solutions for Walls and Ceilings.

Utilising Major brands , James Hardie and CSR in our manufacturing , you can be confident of a Quality Product offer with Superior Service to match.

Mission Statement
At Ace Architectural Panels, we are dedicated to providing Excellence in product Quality and Innovation. We strive for Perfection in our service offer with every transaction tailored to your individual project needs.

Our mission is to become the supplier of choice for your Architectural panel requirements.
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