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  • External Feature Panels

    External Feature Panels

  • Prefinished Façade Solutions

    Prefinished Façade Solutions

  • Feature Cladding

    Feature Cladding

  • External Feature Panel Solutions

    External Feature Panel Solutions

  • Prefinished Soffit Linings

    Prefinished Soffit Linings

  • Internal Feature Panels

    Internal Feature Panels

  • Residential Solutions

    Residential Solutions

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Bespoke Solutions

Ace Architectural Panels

Manufacturers and Distributors of Architectural Prefinished Façade panels , Prefinished Soffit Lining and External / Internal Feature panel solutions.

Ranging from Commercial & Residential Façade systems , Soffit and Eave Lining solutions , Sun Hood and Sun Blade Panels through to MDF Veneer , Ply and Timber solutions for Walls and Ceilings.

We offer a wide range of colour options in a variety of standard CFC and FC sheet sizes. Cut to size and Pre drilled fixing screw holes available on request.

• Architectural Prefinished Façade panels
• Prefinished Soffit Lining
• External / Internal Feature panel solution
• Prefinished Cladding
• Prefinished CFC
• Prefinished FC Systems
• Aluminium Composite Panels
• Aluminium 3D Batten system
• Timber Feature Panels
• Prefinished Washable Access Panels
• Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panels
• Vitracore G2 Aluminium Honeycomb panels

• Acoustic MDF Feature Panels
• Acoustic Plywood Feature Panels
• Austral Plywood products
• Endurapanel Plywood system
• Ariaply Plywood system
• Prefinished MDF
• Prefinished Plywood
• James Hardie Products
• Raw Floor system
• Custom made Steel Colour Flashings
• Steel Top Hat systems


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